Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Notes Thus Far

Going to surgery soon... but wanted to post a bit of stuff ahead of time.
9/11 - travel
People needing assistance go first.  I stay in wheelchair to the plane doorway entrance and then, because I am able, I walk from my chair, through the door to my seat (of my choice, as Southwest airlines no longer does assigned seating - and no more separate classes), my cane gets stowed in an overhead storage bin by the flight assistant, then, boarding continues for other passengers.  I was surprised at how tightly my body fit in the seat, I know that I am overweight, but I never imagined that I was so much over that my hips were a bit pinched getting in.

Security checkpoint
  Really very easy process, just time consuming.  A call to tsa the day before, provided a lot of useful info and a number to call upon arrival to request a “personal ---  assistant”.  I was then met by Roger who helped with getting my wheelchair scanned and tagged for the flight and sset me up with a couple of female tsa officers to pat me down in private.
    medications, my wheelchair and I go through 2 scans, xray and 1 extra (laser).

Crossing the threshhold - next post.
    Yep, as I expected, the toilet room on the plane was, uh, awkward.  The total floorspace couldn’t have been more than 2 square feet and not square at all: I was only just barely able to turn around to close and lock the door.  then after doing that, the thought of turning again to check the state of the toilet was too daunting so, I just sat down without looking only to learn that the seat had been left upright (not so comfy) - (my hubby has me spoiled, our house rule is always put the seat down before leaving the bathroom).  Next, hand washing… because of the tight space, the good news is that I didn’t have to go far to do so and everything was reachable ☺; however it took me a rather long time to find the paper towels!  Everything being the same color as the paper towels (walls, etc) made it difficult to notice the hole in the wall that held the paper towels.
Bye for now.

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