Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sleep Study Results

To my family and friends who've been following my progress here, I'm sorry for the long gap between my posts regarding my fatigue issues an reporting on my sleep study results.  I had hoped to resolve sleeping problems before posting, but, that will most likely be yet another long while.

The good news is, the sleep study showed that I do NOT have many of the most common sleep disorders; I do not have sleep apnea, nor other intrinsic sleep disorder; no narcolepsy or idiopathic hyposomnia.

What the sleep study did show was that my sleep efficiency is poor. I apparently spend most of the night in a light sleep (no deep R.E.M.)and every few minutes I awaken for another few minutes(and I'm not even aware of it).

The problem, or reason, for this inefficient sleep is unknown.  I started taking a sleeping medication to see if my sleep would improve, thereby, alleviating my daytime fatigue;  I felt better for only a few days - so now I'm in the process of weaning off my anti-depressant because the one I take apparently is known to sometimes suppress REM sleep (crazy, huh?).

So the current status of my fatigue isn't any different from when I first started posting about it. :-(

I now have a personal theory but, forgive me please, I'm too tired right now to put it to text.  I'll be back another time to share my thoughts.

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  1. I attributed my lack of dreaming to the pills I was taking at nighttime, Zoloft, antidepressant and zanaflex, a statin. I moved to taking them in the morning instead and that seemed to do the job. However I did this without talking to my doctor, a definite no-no.