Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooking - A Love turned to Hate

A couple of months back I blogged about being beyond happy to have been able to cook for my family again.
Sadly, that has recently changed for me.  I used to love cooking for family and friends and myself, now I HATE it!
I loved it when it was easy.  Now, with only one functioning hand and arm, it's very difficult and completely frustrating.
I tried making a Caprese salad for dinner the other night while my men-folk were outside grilling burgers and zucchini but was having so much difficulty that I abandoned the whole thing.  I have a one-handed cutting board, which does help some but my knives are in serious need of sharpening;I practically pulverized the tomatoes, and although the mozzarella was pre-cut, I couldn't get it out of the plastic wrapping, I succeeded only at piercing it and making a large puddle of milky-whey.  Cutting the basil was impossible with my dull knife.  :-(  I'm still sad about it.

My family and I have always enjoyed having dinner out but now we eat at restaurants so often  that one particular place knows us by name and brings us our drinks before we order them (since we're consistent with our choices, they can do that)!

I wish there was some sort of miracle fix available to help me regain the use of my arm; I miss it so very much!

Sorry for the downer of a blog post but this is where I am right now.

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