Monday, August 18, 2014

Bad Day for Me, Yesterday...Oh No, What's next?!

On Saturday, the 16th I had a really enjoyable day outside attending a friend's birthday party but the good day was, unfortunately, followed by a bad day yesterday (Sunday, August 17th)... I spent 4 hours at the hospital ER. I had got out of bed in the AM , hubby did not and my son was on another level of the house.  After using the bathroom, I went to the kitchen to fix my breakfast as I do every morning; I began by retrieving my teacup from the table and then taking it to the counter where we keep our pitcher of filtered water (with the intent to fill the cup with water to heat in the microwave to make instant oatmeal.  I never made it to the counter because I became quite dizzy, lost my balance and fell to the floor, hitting my head twice on the way down (on the counter and on the trash bin) I remember then hearing the sound of my son running up the stairs and my hubby call out my name and leaping from bed and running to me.  When hubby got to me, I heard him say to our son, "she's having a seizure, call 911".  I remember nothing from that point until I got to the ER.

I tell ya, looking back over my life, it seems it's solely made up of drama and trauma.  What I wouldn't give for a piece of peace and comfort.

Gosh, I wonder what's next on my horizon.  My neurologist is away until after Labor Day  so now I wait to hear from my PCP on what I do next.

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