Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No More Seizures but still Quite Fatigued

After having someone say they were worried about me and wondered if I was OK since my last post, I figured it was well past time to post an update.

Sorry for the big gap between posts; I've had no luck using speech recognition software and I'm still battling with chronic fatigue so I avoid typing because the one-handed style frustrates me and tires me more.

Anyway, After having the seizure mentioned in my last post, I was prescribed an anti-convulsant medication; I've, thankfully, not had another seizure.  I had an EEG done and was told it showed "brain activity as is typical post-stroke", whatever that means.

As for my fatigue, in an attempt to fix it, as of yesterday, my anti-depression medication dose has been increased (but that takes a couple of weeks to take affect), then in November I meet with a sleep consultant to maybe set-up a sleep study.

I hope something helps soon; I'm so very tired of being tired!

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