Friday, December 15, 2017

Maybe Some Improvement

Hi all,

Had another visit with the clinical trial's research team earlier this month where they interview me and have me perform a few tests; I assume, looking for signs of any changes in my motor abilities, be it improvement or worsening.

With one of the tests, I am asked to pick-up objects of different sizes and shapes and then place them in another location; first using my unaffected right hand and arm, then   I am to repeat it using my paralyzed/affected left hand and arm.   The test equipment looks very much and (most likely is the same) as the "Action Research Arm Test" (ARAT) kit seen at the home page of Arat Kits. This testresults in me feeling really sad because I cannot do any of it with my affected arm, so it feels like a test of futility when I try. 🙍  Since the CVA/stroke, I've been unable to voluntarily move my left arm, hand  and fingers.  Although, now, with great concentration and the strong tensing of the muscles of my upper body (torso,chest and shoulders), I am able to move my arm upward some (to about waist level) against my body. However this causes my clonicity to painfully  increase in the hand and arm.

Another test is to time me walking in a marked off section of their offices, I've never asked, but it looks to be about 20 to 25 feet in length.  Although my gait is still awkward and unnatural, this month's  test showed a slight improvement with the speed of my walk.  At the prior assessment in September, it took me 33 seconds; this month, only 29 seconds.  So, I guess I'll accept that as 'some' improvement 😌;  however, I don't feel any different and the positive hope that I experienced going into the study has waned and I periodically have moments of great disappointment in the current state of my body and the inability to do things that I use to do easily.

I don't wish to close this post on that not-so-positive note so.....hmmmm...... Hubby and I just passed our 28th year of being married!  I'm most proud of that, especially given that we've had quite a few hardships thrown our way over the years and its my second marriage (his first). 

Until next time...Merry Everything to you all!

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