Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Still The Same

It's been three months since I last posted...and, I'm still the improvements in my mobility/motor skills.

Had another visit the study's research team in CT, earlier this month.  Same testing as I've previously mentioned.

In general, I am still quite amazingly fatigued, which, if I had not mentioned previously, is worse since the surgery for the clinical trial, than the fatigue I had following the stroke.  I spend much time in bed, having no motivation for much else. :-(

One good thing, however, I have finally mastered the skill of putting on socks one-handed!  I don't have the wakefulness at the moment, to explain why this is a BIG deal for me, but it is really big.  :-)

I hope that all my readers, whoever you are, are doing well.


  1. I too had a stroke in 2016 and still have problems with walking.I hope I over come this soon.

    1. I am sorry you suffered a stroke, Patsy, and wish you the best of luck.